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Read what some of our very satisfied customers think of our products.

On the Battery Tender® Jr.

I just replaced the battery in my 2005 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide (injected). It was the original equipment battery and it lasted almost 8 years and almost 94,000 miles. I kept it on a Battery Tender while parked at home. I attribute the long life to your battery tender. That is a LOT of starts.

Thank you!

On the Battery Tender® Jr.


Just wanted to let you know I just pulled out my 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate for the 2011 riding season. Unplugged the Battery Tender® Jr. that I have had since the bike was new and fired it up with the ORIGINAL battery! I keep the bike plugged in to the Jr. at all times except when out riding or if I am away from home and can't plug it in. 10 seasons completed and starting the 11th on the ORIGINAL battery thanks to the Battery Tender® Jr.!

Thank you,

On the Battery Tender® Plus

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. I own a 2000 Mercedes-Benz, model C280 as a second car and I really don't drive it too often. Recently the battery faltered due to lack of charge. The vehicle is apparently (due to the high number of computerized components) constantly using battery juice even when it's sitting in the garage, therefor the instructions in the car's manual suggests the car to be driven at least 200 miles per month to avoid battery problems.

I was recommended to use the BatteryTender® Plus by a good friend of mine that owns a Jaguar and his car plus driving habits are similar to mine. So I did. Today and after three days of using the BatteryTender® Plus on my car's battery, I took the car out for a ride. Immediately, I could feel the crispiness, the quick response and freshness in the way the car behaved. Also, my key remote opened the doors from a further distance away (which was a problem before).

I can't congratulate you enough for coming up with this product, it works great. You brought my Mercedes back to me just the way I expect it to be... a top notch performer. My BatteryTender® Plus is here to stay and I will recommend it to anybody and everybody in need of such product.

Thanks a million!

Rochester, NY

On the Power Pro Modular Marine Charger

Battery Tender,

Just a quick note to let you know about your product!

I'm a fishing guide in Florida. I'm on the water over 225 days a year. My boat is only a year old, and the batteries were starting to go out. Top of the line $170 a piece. Come to find out that my on-board charger was worthless. This has been an ongoing problem for years, always changing or exchanging expensive batteries.

A friend of mine told me about the Battery Tender®. He said that he could leave his boat plugged in and the batteries wouldn't get cooked. He also found that he got more life out of them. Sounded good to me! So I replaced the on-board charger with yours. Nice! Your charger has been in my boat for around 4 months now. I have new batteries every day. I really don't have the time to mess with slow live wells and trolling motors or dead cranking batteries. I need to turn the key and go! I can see the difference every day.

I can say it sure is nice to have a piece of mind when your on the water. Its not like you can get out and walk! Thank you... REALLY!

Captain Greg Hood
Pineland, FL

On the Battery Tender Plus®

Dear Battery Tender,

It's not often that a product performs far above expectations. Your Battery Tender® really does! I got a riding mower in 1999 and also got your Battery Tender® at the same time. I keep it hooked up all the time except when I am mowing the grass. I was totally amazed to still be using the original battery that came with the mower all the way up to this year. That's 10 years! The battery was not dead, but the mower was beginning to start a little slower than before, so I replaced the battery after 10 years!

Another really nice thing is that even after 10 years the battery still looks like new with none of the corrosion that usually happens using other battery chargers, so the battery connectors were in perfect condition to hook up to the new battery. I took the attached pictures before I changed the battery. As you can see, although I have never cleaned or done any maintenance on the battery, the battery is totally corrosion free.

Your Battery Tender® is really amazing and has saved me a lot of money. I did not have to buy a new battery every mowing season and my mower never failed to start!

Thanks for a really great product!
Orlando, FL

On the Battery Tender® Plus

"We have used these Battery Tenders for years and have yet to experience a problem".

Don Garlits
Museum Of Drag Racing

On the Battery Tender® Plus

"Being responsible for 30+ emergency generators on the campus of a major university in Illinois has been made a lot easier using the Battery Tender®. Boiled out batteries are a thing of the past for us and worrying about the quality of a battery in the middle of the night is history. Our batteries last longer too".

Roger Sroka

On the Battery Tender® Plus

Dear Deltran,

I want to thank you for your positive response to my request for service on my Battery Charger. When I bought it, I was simply looking for a charger for a small (Seadoo) battery. What I got was a most versatile all-time charger, which I am able to leave attached to my battery bank in my sailboat. I keep the sailboat in the water in a marina in Gulf Shores, Alabama which is 270 miles away from my home. The automatic bilge pump which runs on the battery, constantly keeps a drain on the batteries. I am now able to safely keep the charger on the batteries year round so I have assurance that the pumps and other systems are working. The smart charger takes the worry out of either draining the batteries, or cooking them with a traditional charger. Again, I want to thank you for your professionalism in replacing/repairing the unit that I sent to you. I have developed a dependency on your product."

Charles Stewert

On the Battery Tender® Plus

"This is an excellent charger. It does exactly what the advertisement says. I use it for my motorcycle as well as my Corvette. (These vehicles set idle in the garage for most of the winter months). I appreciate the red and green indicator light that tells me the charging status. I also appreciated the fuse protected extra attachment cord for permanent installation if you wish. Thanks for providing a quality product at a fair price."

Therald Steffanson

On the Battery Tender® Plus

"My bike sits for months at a time. I never worry about the battery... I just hook it up to the Battery Tender® and it's always ready to go!"

John Nicholson
San Francisco, CA

We make chargers that fully charge a battery then automatically switch to a maintenance mode when the charge is complete! Check out our products page now.


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