Friday, October 24, 2014
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"The Battery Tender® is a well thought-out, nicely executed product that makes life in the shop easier by making dead batteries a thing of the past."
Motorcyclist Magazine

"Not only will the Battery Tender® pay for itself many times over, but you'll never face a dead battery again."
Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace

"The Battery Tender® performed perfectly, and should extend the life of batteries kept in storage over long periods of time."
Motorhome Magazine

" occasional overnighter hooked to the Battery Tender® will prevent that sinking feeling when you get the blues."
Rider Magazine

"...the Supersmart is an efficient and cost effective tool for extending the life of your battery."
Trailer Boats Magazine

We make chargers that fully charge a battery then automatically switch to a maintenance mode when the charge is complete! Check out our products page now.

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