Thursday, October 23, 2014
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New from Deltran Battery Tender®!

Oct 10, 2013 11:01:26 AM

Lithium (LifePO4) batteries and Lithium battery chargers. DelTran Battery Tender® has launched a new line of extremely high output Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePO4) Batteries and Battery Chargers that are now available!

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Posted in News By John Cantrell

Deltran Battery Tender® has achieved the very first listing in the California Energy Commission Appliance database for certified electronics, small battery chargers for Automotive and Power Sport Applications!

Starting in 2013 all non-commercial battery chargers manufactured after February and sold in California must conform to the new “Appliance Efficiency Program” in coordination with the California Energy Commission.

Mike Prelec Sr. CEO stated, “Battery Tender® has been supplying high-efficiency battery chargers for over 10 years to the European market with the CE certification. We have spent the better part of a year redesigning our units to meet the new stringent standards of both California and Europe. The units have also been re-qualified by Underwriters Labs and/or ETL.”

The California regulation is designed to reduce the strain on the power grid caused by inefficient consumer electronics. Eventually the rest of the country will follow suit!


Posted in News By Colby Ochsenhirt

12 Years Charged and Ready to Go!

Aug 30, 2012 3:03:06 PM

In 1994, I purchased Blue, a new Laguna Blue Miata with a hard top and joined the Indy Miata Club. Then, I thought the hard top would provide me a maintenance option in case something would ever happen to the fabric top. I kept thinking that I had it all covered (no pun intended) with two tops!

Years later, another option that I purchased was my Battery Tender Plus. I bought it in 2000, just a few days after I had replaced my original Miata battery. I had read an article about the Battery Tender and knew that I wanted to extend the life of my second battery. Six years of service from that original battery was good, but I wanted to get more out of my second battery.

So, I married my second battery to my Battery Tender Plus. Working together as one, 24/7, and worry free, together, they enabled me to get 12 years of service out of that battery! It was a good, dependable service arrangement. 

In case you’re wondering about the battery brands, my second battery was a Mazda High Performance brand, and my new replacement battery is an Advance Auto “Silver” battery. Both of these batteries are exactly the same and manufactured by Johnson Controls. These things are identical twins, even 12 years later!

Hopefully, my new Advance Auto Silver battery will repeat that same great service and award me with another 12 years of use since it too will be hooked up to my Battery Tender Plus.

I’m sure you’ve all read about Deltran’s Battery Tender Plus over the years since it is a great charging device that enabled my Mazda High Performance Battery to last much longer than a battery without the benefit of a Battery Tender Plus being hooked up to it all the time. When Blue was not on the road, she was garaged and plugged into my Battery Tender Plus charger, winter or summer. It’s a good idea to keep your battery charged and ready to go year ‘round.

Blue was always charged and ready to go!

I don’t know how many club members use the Battery Tender Plus, but I can recommend it to you to extend your Miata’s battery life. Deltran deserves credit for a nicely engineered product, that works! Here’s one answer from The question was, “What makes the Battery Tender Plus battery charger different from other automatic battery chargers?”

Many automatic battery chargers turn off when the battery voltage rises or the charge current falls to a preset level. Then after a period of time, when the battery self discharge characteristics have reduced its terminal voltage significantly, sometimes to the point where the battery has given up almost 90% of its stored charge, the charger will turn on and recharge the battery. This type of cycling will dramatically reduce battery life. The Battery Tender Plus battery charger does not turn off. It automatically switches to a safe float voltage level that keeps the battery charged and yet does not do any harm to the battery or cause any reduction in its useful life.

That FAQ answer sums it up. Make sure you visit the site and learn as much as you can. It’s interesting stuff and I know you’ll appreciate the fact that

Michael Prelec, Sr., President of Deltran, has just completed the Skip Barber two day advanced Mazda Miata School in Sebring. Rumor has it that his wife thinks he’s too old to start racing, but we all know she’s nuts, right? Michael is not the first Miata guy or gal to get that contagious zoom-zoom feeling!

Do we ever get too old for that Miata experience? Nope, be it on the back roads or on the track.

On behalf of Mike and me, we’re both charged and ready to go, won’t you join us?

Posted in News By Colby Ochsenhirt
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