Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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If it’s not a Deltran Battery Tender®, it’s just a pretender.™

We make chargers that fully charge a battery then automatically switch to a maintenance mode when the charge is complete!

There has been some confusion in the battery charger world that some of our chargers are simply maintainers ---- NOT TRUE! Each and every Deltran Battery Tender® Battery Charger regardless of its size is programmed with a microprocessor that will correctly charge a battery then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode.

Don’t settle for anything less!! Before you purchase a Battery Tender® Battery Charger product on-line, make sure it is from a legitimate, authorized, established internet store. Some internet resellers may be selling second or third hand merchandise as new. Others may be inappropriately selling alternate, inferior brands as Battery Tender® products.

We save you money by making our products better! Learn more about us.

Battery Tender donates units to Ohio Technical College’s High Performance and Racing program and the Edelbrock Performance Academy.

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